Seafood and Fish
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  Seafood and Fish

SF-1 Garlic Shrimp ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $15.35

Sautéed shrimps, garlic, peppers served with garden salad.

SF-2 Basil Shrimp -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $14.95

Shrimp, garlic, chilli peppers, sweet basil leaves and beans.

SF-3 Basil Squid ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $13.25

Squid, garlic, chilli, sweet basil leaves, peppers and beans

SF-4 Basil Mussels ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $13.25

Stir-fried mussels with garlic, hot sauce, chilli, sweet basil and long green beans.

SF-5 Sweet and Sour Shrimp ------------------------------------------------------------------ $14.95

Stir-fried shrimp with garlic, chilli peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, pineapples
garnished with red and green peppers.

SF-6 Shrimp Curry -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $15.35

Shrimp in thick red curry sauce with coconut milk

SF-7 Mixed Seafood Stir-fry ------------------------------------------------------------------- $15.35

Shrimp, squid, Mussels,eggplant, green beans, basil leaves, & bamboo
shoots stirred-fried in spicy sauce.

SF-8 Green Ocean -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $15.35

Shrimp, Squid, Fish Ball, eggplant, basil leaves in green curry sauce.

SF-9 Seafood Red Curry ------------------------------------------------------------------------- $15.35

Mixed Seafood in red curry sauce with basil, bamboo shoots and peppers

SF-10 Sweet and Sour Fish --------------------------------------------------------------------- $18.25

Deep-fried fillet of sole with cucumbers, tomatoes, pineapples in sweet and sour.

SF-11 Spicy Fish ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $18.25

Deep fried fillet of Sole top with Thai house sauce, basil, onions, green and red peppers.

SF-12 Steamed Fish in Black Bean sauce ------------------------------------------------- $18.25

Fillet of Sole or Tilapia with black bean sauce steam with gingers and a touch
of spring onions.

SF-13 Fish pad ped ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $18.25

Fillet of sole , longbean, Thai eggplant, basil and coconut milk

SF-14 Fish in hot sauce ------------------------------------------------------------------------- $17.75

Fillet of Sole or Tilapia fish stir-fried with Thai house special hot sauce and a
touch of kaffir leaves.

SF-15 Garlic Fish --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $17.75

Fillet of sole or whole tilapia deep fried with garlic and served with special
house fish sauce.



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